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Blast with Chain - SD5-EN036 - Common - 1st Edition

Blast with Chain - SD5-EN036 - Common - 1st Edition


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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. This card targets 1 monster. If you use 'Emergency Provisions', it sends Spell & Trap Cards to the Graveyard, it does not destroy them, so if you send this card to the Graveyard with 'Emergency Provisions', this card's effect will not be activated. The same applies to 'Woodland Sprite'. If you equip this card to 'Gearfried the Iron Knight', then this card's effect will be activated because it was destroyed by a card effect. When this card is negated by 'Solemn Judgment' or '7 Tools of the Bandit', this card is negated and destroyed and the effect does NOT activate. You can activate this card during the Damage Step because it specifically modifies ATK. You cannot target Tyrant Dragon with this card and if you attempt to, then this card is negated and destroyed, and you do NOT get the effect of this card. If a monster attacks 'Gearfried the Iron Knight', and you activate 'Blast with Chain' during the Damage Step, 'Blast With Chain' is destroyed and gets its effect, so you can destroy the attacking monster before Damage Calculation. If your opponent activates 'Mystical Space Typhoon' targeting your face-down 'Blast with Chain', and you chain 'Blast with Chain', you still get 'Blast with Chain's' effect. If this card is destroyed in the middle of a resolving chain, its effect will start a new chain after current one resolves. [Re: 8-Claws Scorpion] The ATK of '8-Claws Scorpion' becomes 2400 during damage calculation. You cannot chain 'Rush Recklessly' or 'Blast with Chain' to this effect. If these cards were activated before damage calculation, then the ATK of '8-Claws Scorpion' becomes 2400 during damage calculation so those cards have no effect on its ATK. [Re: Emergency Provisions] If you send 'Smoke Grenade of the Thief' or 'Blast with Chain' to the Graveyard for the cost of 'Emergency Provisions' their effects do not activate, because they were not destroyed. [Re: Gearfried the Swordmaster] The effect of 'Gearfried the Swordmaster' will activate even if a Trap Card is equipped to him (such as 'Metalmorph' or 'Blast with Chain'). [Re: Whirlwind Weasel] After 'Whirlwind Weasel's' Flip Effect has resolved, the effects of already face-up Spell and Trap Cards, like 'Ultimate Offering', can still be activated. The effects of Spell and Trap Cards that activate when the card is destroyed, such as 'Blast with Chain' or 'Ojamagic' will also still be activated. (In other words, you cannot activate a card, but you can activate an effect.) [Re: Woodland Sprite] An Equip Spell Card sent to the Graveyard by this card's effect is not 'destroyed'. So the effects of 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma', 'Axe of Despair', 'Malevolent Nuzzler', 'Blast with Chain', or 'Smoke Grenade of the Thief' cannot or will not be activated.
Passcode: 98239899
Set: Structure Deck
Card Number: SD5-EN036
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Trap
Card Text: After activation, this card is treated as an Equip Card that increases the ATK of the equipped monster by 500 points. Equip a monster on your side of the field with this card. If this card is destroyed by the effect of another card while it is an Equip Card, select 1 card on the field and destroy it.
Card Type: Normal Trap
Name: Blast with Chain
Edition: 1st