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Yamata Dragon - LOD-067 - Ultra Rare - 1st Edition

Yamata Dragon - LOD-067 - Ultra Rare - 1st Edition


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Extra Info

Card Rules: No rulings available for this card.
Passcode: 76862289
Set: Legacy of Darkness
ATK/DEF: 2600/3100
Card Number: LOD-067
Monster Type: Dragon
Rarity: Ultra Rare
Attribute: Fire
Card Text: This card cannot be Special Summoned. This card returns to the owner's hand during the End Phase of the turn that this card is Normal Summoned or flipped face-up. When this card inflicts Battle Damage to your opponent's Life Points, draw cards from your Deck until you have 5 cards in your hand.
Level: 7
Card Type: Spirit Monster
Name: Yamata Dragon
Edition: 1st