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Necron Monolith (49-09)

Necron Monolith (49-09)

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The Monolith combines the properties of transport craft, armoured destroyer and Necron power icon. Its ponderous form floats across the battlefield, its crystal core pulsing with sickly energy, powerful beams of gauss lightning whipping from its weapon mounts. Each Monolith is capable of opening a dark portal and transporting Necrons to the battlefield or re-deploy them during battle. This box contains one Monolith. This multi-part, large plastic kit contains over 60 pieces, can be assembled with its portal open or sealed and has rotating gauss blasters. Model supplied with a large flying base.

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Game: Warhammer 40, 000
Main Category: Necron
Part Code: 99120110015
Sub Category: Heavy Support