The Aeldari are an alien race that once ruled the galaxy. Technologically, militarily and intellectually the Aeldari are as far superior to Humanity as Humanity are to primitive simians. They possess weapons that can extinguish stars, they tread secret paths beyond the bounds of reality, and their towering psychic might allows them to read and weave the strands of fate itself. Yet for all this the Aeldari are but an echo, a faded, splintered remnant of their former glory. Their numbers dwindle by the decade, and their battle is now one of survival, not supremacy. Although only a shadow of their former glory, the Aeldari are still a formidable power. Confident in the superiority of their technology and martial prowess, the Aeldari justifiably look down on the barbaric usurpers that have overrun the galaxy. Who could compare the crude, smoke-belching engines of Man or Ork to the sleek grav tanks or streaking jetbikes of the Aeldari? In combat, observe how lumbering and slow the movements of a human soldier are against the precise, graceful attack of an Aeldari. Only in sheer numbers do the Aeldari come up short in comparison to the other forces in the galaxy, though the quick-striking Aeldari way of war can offset this lone disadvantage. -from the publisher
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