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The River

The River


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In The River, players struggle to create the best pioneer settlement out of a new, uninhabited world. In order to best your opponents, you must construct valuable buildings and cultivate your river banks into harmonious and productive settlements. Expand your territory, conserve resources, and block your competitors from victory along the way. Every decision counts in this fast, streamlined tile-and-worker and placement game. As an added challenge, as you progress in the game, your workers will periodically settle down and stop working for you, so your pool will get smaller and the decisions tighter. Very accessible and fluidly thematic, The River is an elegantly smooth game packing a strategic punch for the whole family. Key Selling Points • Brand new game standalone from Days of Wonder™ • A modern twist in the worker placement genre • Approachable theme and easy to learn rules • Theme and gameplay interconnected from start to finish

Extra Info

Time: 30-45 minutes
PrimaryName: The River
Players: 2-4
Product Title: The River
Ages: 8+
Publisher: Days of Wonder