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Blue Ox Pauper Decks - Ratlock Blue/Black Control

Blue Ox Pauper Decks - "Ratlock" Blue/Black Control


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Want to play Pauper but don't have a deck? Well now you can get a complete 75 (Main Deck and Sideboard).*

This Blue/Black deck grinds them out with value creatures and then flickers them to get their effect again. It is a control deck that tries to lock them out of game with Chittering Rats, ending any chance of them drawing new cards. 


Pauper “Ratlock”




Creatures: 14

2 Archaeomancer

4 Chittering Rats

4 Mulldrifter

4 Sea Gate Oracle


Non-creature Spells: 24

4 Chainer's Edict

4 Counterspell

3 Disfigure

2 Doom Blade

2 Echoing Decay

1 Exclude

3 Ghostly Flicker

4 Preordain

1 Reaping the Graves


Land: 22

1 Bojuka Bog

4 Dimir Aqueduct

4 Dismal Backwater

6 Island

1 Lonely Sandbar

1 Radiant Fountain

5 Swamp




3 Duress

1 Negate

2 Nihil Spellbomb

2 Shrivel

2 Stormbound Geist

2 Syphon Life


3 Zombie Outlander



*Please note that to keep the prices low on these decks card condition varies from moderately played to near mint.