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Sakuretsu Armor SD10 - SD10-EN033 - Common - 1st Edition

Sakuretsu Armor SD10 - SD10-EN033 - Common - 1st Edition


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Extra Info

Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. 'Sakuretsu Armor' targets 1 monster. If the turn player chains 'Book of Moon' to 'Sakuretsu Armor' to flip the attacking monster face-down, then the attacking monster is not destroyed by 'Sakuretsu Armor'. [Re: Butterfly Dagger - Elma] If the monster that 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma' is equipped to is destroyed as a result of battle, or by a card effect like 'Sakuretsu Armor' or 'Fissure', then 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma' cannot return to your hand because it is no longer equipped to a monster. However, if the monster and the 'Butterfly Dagger - Elma' are destroyed simultaneously by a card like 'Final Destiny', then you can return it to your hand. [Re: Light and Darkness Dragon] During the Battle Phase, Player A attacks with 'Light and Darkness Dragon'. Player B activates 'Sakuretsu Armor'. 'Light and Darkness Dragon's' second effect does not activate and it is destroyed by 'Sakuretsu Armor'. [Re: Nitro Warrior] If 'Nitro Warrior's' second effect is used to attack again, cards like 'Sakuretsu Armor' can be activated when the additional attack is declared.
Passcode: 56120475
Set: Structure Deck
Card Number: SD10-EN033
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Trap
Card Text: Activate only when your opponent declares an attack. Destroy the attacking monster.
Card Type: Normal Trap
Name: Sakuretsu Armor SD10
Edition: 1st