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Level Limit - Area B - SD3-EN024 - Common - 1st Edition

Level Limit - Area B - SD3-EN024 - Common - 1st Edition


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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. The effect of 'Level Limit - Area B' does not use the chain, it is a continuous effect. All Level 4 or higher monsters face-up on the field after 'Level Limit - Area B' resolves will be in Defense Position. You can change the Battle Position of a Level 4 or higher monster, but it will immediately be changed back to Defense Position because of 'Level Limit - Area B''s effect. If 'Level Limit - Area B' is activated while 'Final Attack Orders' is active, then the most recently resolved effect takes precedence and monsters Level 4 or higher will be in Defense Position. If you Summon 'Spell Canceller' while 'Level Limit - Area B' is on the field, 'Spell Canceller' negates its effect and is not changed to Defense Position. [Re: Evil Hero Malicious Fiend] If 'Level Limit - Area B' is face-up on the field, when your opponent starts their Battle Phase their Defense Position monsters are still shifted into Attack Position and must attack 'Evil Hero Malicious Fiend'. If 'Level Limit - Area B' is being negated and then during the Battle Phase its effect is reapplied, the opponent's Level 4 or higher monsters are shifted into Defense Position and are unable to attack. [Re: Mobius the Frost Monarch] If 'Level Limit - Area B' is active and 'Mobius the Frost Monarch' is successfully Tribute Summoned, 'Level Limit - Area B' is a Continuous Spell Card so its effect is applied and the battle position of 'Mobius the Frost Monarch' is changed to Defense Position. Then you can activate the effect of 'Mobius the Frost Monarch'. [Re: Pole Position] If 'Level Limit - Area B' and 'Pole Position' are on the field, the highest ATK monster is unaffected by 'Level Limit - Area B'. If it attacks, and during damage calculation 'Mask of Weakness' is activated to reduce its ATK so that it is no longer the highest ATK monster on the field, the effect of 'Level Limit - Area B' is applied. Also, the attack stops. Do not perform damage calculation.
Passcode: 3136426
Set: Structure Deck
Card Number: SD3-EN024
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Spell
Card Text: All face-up Level 4 or higher monsters on the field are in Defense Position while this card is active.
Card Type: Continuous Spell
Name: Level Limit - Area B
Edition: 1st