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Last Will - SDY-039 - Common - Unlimited Edition

Last Will - SDY-039 - Common - Unlimited Edition


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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. You can activate 'Last Will' before or after a monster is sent to the Graveyard, and still get the effect of 'Last Will' to Special Summon a monster. You can choose the timing for when you Special Summon for the effect of 'Last Will'. You can Special Summon the monster at any time during your turn, except during damage calculation. You do not have to Special Summon the monster at the point the first monster was sent to the Graveyard. If you activated 'Last Will' after a monster was sent to the Graveyard, you do not have to Special Summon the monster when 'Last Will' resolves. If you wish, you may Special Summon the monster immediately after 'Last Will' resolves (if activated after a monster was destroyed), or when the first monster is sent to the Graveyard (if 'Last Will' was activated before the monster was destroyed). But you don't have to, you can do it later. For example, if your monster is destroyed by battle, and you activate 'Last Will' during Main Phase 2, you can Special Summon a monster at that time. Or you can wait and Special Summon during the End Phase. You can apply the effect of 'Last Will' as long as a monster on your side of the field is (or was) sent to your Graveyard, no matter which Phase it was in. As long as it's the same turn in which you activated 'Last Will'. If you activate 2 'Last Wills', then you get to Special Summon 2 monsters, as long as a monster is (or was) sent from your side of the field to your Graveyard that same turn. You only Special Summon 1 monster for each 1 'Last Will'. If you Special Summon using 'Last Will's' effect, then you don't get to Special Summon for it again (but you do for any other copies of 'Last Will' that are activated). If you activate 'Last Will', and the end of the turn arrives without using 'Last Will's' effect, then the effect is gone. You can Special Summon for 'Last Will' if a monster was Tributed for a Tribute Summon, or for 'Cannon Soldier's' effect, etc. You can use 'Last Will's' effect to Special Summon a Level 5 or higher monster like 'Labyrinth Wall'. You cannot Special Summon a 'Special Summon-only' monster. You CAN Special Summon 'Toon Mermaid' with 'Last Will's' effect, as long as you have 'Toon World' on your side of the field. 'Last Will's' effect can only be used if your OWN monster is (or was) sent from YOUR side of the field to YOUR Graveyard. If your monster is sent to your Graveyard by battle, you resolve 'Last Will's' effect during that same Battle Phase (but not during the Damage Step). If it's your turn, then your newly Summoned monster can attack before Main Phase 2. If 'Imperial Order' is activated after 'Last Will' has resolved, it will not negate 'Last Will's' effect. You can Special Summon a 1500 ATK monster that will have higher than 1500 ATK after being Summoned, such as a Fiend with 1500 original ATK while 'Yami' is on the field (its ATK once Summoned will be 1700). You can Special Summon 'Muka Muka' even if you have 6 cards in your hand and 'Muka Muka's' ATK, once Summoned, will be higher than 1500. [Re: Banisher of the Light] Effects that trigger when cards are sent to the Graveyard, such as 'Sangan', 'Witch of the Black Forest', 'Mystic Tomato', 'The Immortal of Thunder' and 'Last Will', will not activate. [Re: Crimson Sentry] 'Crimson Sentry's' effect can be activated before or after your monster(s) are destroyed in battle, similar to 'Last Will'. [Re: Embodiment of Apophis] When 'Embodiment of Apophis' is sent to the Graveyard, it is sent as a Trap Card and remains treated as a Trap Card. You cannot revive it with 'Monster Reborn' or retrieve it with 'Return of the Doomed'. It will not trigger 'Last Will'. You cannot activate 'Michizure'. It will not be Special Summoned by 'Red-Moon Baby'. No damage is inflicted by 'KA-2 Des Scissors' or 'Inferno' or 'Fatal Abacus'. 'Emes the Infinity' does not increase its ATK. No Life Points are increased by 'Absorbing Kid from the Sky'. You would not gain Life Points for 'Altar for Tribute'. (You can, however, now add it back to your hand with 'Mask of Darkness'.) [Re: Lady Panther] 'Lady Panther's' effect can be activated before or after your monster(s) are destroyed in battle, similar to 'Last Will'. [Re: Last Turn] 'Last Turn' is a very special Trap Card with very special and unusual rules. The most important thing to understand about 'Last Turn' is that not all of its effects are applied when the Trap Card resolves. When 'Last Turn' (the Trap Card itself) resolves, the activating player selects 1 monster on their side of the field, and all other cards on the field and in both players' hands are sent to the Graveyard. That is all that happens when 'Last Turn' resolves. After that, the turn player Special Summons 1 monster from their Deck. After that, a special Battle Phase occurs. Then, during the End Phase, the victory check of 'Last Turn' is applied. 'Last Turn' sets up several effects that resolve later in the turn long after the Trap Card itself has resolved. Several other cards do this too, like 'Last Will' and 'Change of Heart'. [Re: Last Turn] If the turn player activated 'Last Will' before 'Last Turn' was activated, a monster can be Special Summoned by the effect of 'Last Will' during the special Battle Phase (but it cannot attack during the special Battle Phase). [Re: Spell Canceller] If 'Last Will''s effect is active (its 'state' is in effect) and 'Spell Canceller' is Summoned, 'Spell Canceller' will not negate the effect of 'Last Will'. [Re: The Forgiving Maiden] 'The Forgiving Maiden's' effect can be activated before or after your monster(s) are destroyed in battle, similar to 'Last Will'.
Passcode: 85602018
Set: Starter Deck Yugi
Card Number: SDY-039
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Spell
Card Text: If a monster on your side of the field was sent to your Graveyard this turn, you can Special Summon 1 monster with an ATK of 1500 points or less from your Deck once during this turn. Then shuffle your Deck.
Card Type: Normal Spell
Name: Last Will
Edition: Unlimited