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Two-Pronged Attack - SDK-034 - Common - Unlimited Edition

Two-Pronged Attack - SDK-034 - Common - Unlimited Edition


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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. 'Two-Pronged Attack' targets 2 monsters you control and 1 monster your opponent controls. Destroying 2 of your monsters is not a cost. [Re: Elemental Hero Wildheart] This card is unaffected by the effects of Trap Cards, but it still may be the target of Trap Cards. For example, you can activate 'Two-Pronged Attack' and target your 'Elemental Hero Wildheart', another of your monsters, and the opponent's monster. When 'Two-Pronged Attack' resolves, the other 2 monsters will be destroyed. 'Elemental Hero Wildheart' will remain on the field. [Re: My Body as a Shield] 'My Body as a Shield' will negate cards such as 'Dark Hole', 'Fissure', 'Raigeki', 'Eternal Rest', 'Nobleman of Crossout', 'Tribute to the Doomed', 'Thousand Knives', 'Trap Hole', 'Two-Pronged Attack', 'Mirror Force', 'House of Adhesive Tape', 'Eatgaboon', 'Ring of Destruction', 'Torrential Tribute', 'Bottomless Trap Hole', 'Man-Eater Bug', 'Blast Juggler', 'Dragon Seeker', 'Dream Clown', 'Throwstone Unit', 'Burst Breath', 'Swarm of Scarabs', 'Cyber Jar', 'Tribe-Infecting Virus', 'Raigeki Break', 'XYZ Dragon Cannon', 'Mega-Ton Magical Cannon', 'Exiled Force' (negates the effect but will not destroy 'Exiled Force' as it is already in the Graveyard), 'Offerings to the Doomed' (negates 'Offerings to the Doomed' so you do not skip your Draw Phase), 'Jowgen the Spiritualist' (when its effect is activated), 'Dragon's Gunfire' (if the effect that destroys a monster is selected), or 'The Last Warrior From Another Planet' (negates the effect and destroys 'The Last Warrior From Another Planet').
Passcode: 83887306
Set: Starter Deck Kaiba
Card Number: SDK-034
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Trap
Card Text: Select and destroy 2 of your monsters and 1 of your opponent's monsters.
Card Type: Normal Trap
Name: Two-Pronged Attack
Edition: Unlimited