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Trap Master - SDK-044 - Common - Unlimited Edition

Trap Master - SDK-044 - Common - Unlimited Edition


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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. This card can destroy a Trap Card on either side of the field.So if your opponent has no Trap Cards and no Set Spell or Trap Cards, you must destroy a card on your side of the field.If it is face-down Spell Card you must reveal it to your opponent, and it is not destroyed. [Re: Double Snare] You cannot destroy 'Reaper of the Cards' or 'Trap Master' because they do not negate Trap Cards, they destroy Trap Cards.
Passcode: 46461247
Set: Starter Deck Kaiba
ATK/DEF: 500/1100
Card Number: SDK-044
Monster Type: Warrior
Rarity: Common
Attribute: Earth
Card Text: FLIP: Select 1 Trap Card on the field and destroy it. If the selected card is Set, pick up and see the card. If it is a Trap Card, it is destroyed. If it is a Spell Card, return it to its original position.
Level: 3
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Trap Master
Edition: Unlimited