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Cosmic Horror Gangiel - POTD-EN029 - Ultimate Rare - 1st Edition

Cosmic Horror Gangi'el - POTD-EN029 - Ultimate Rare - 1st Edition


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Card Rules: No rulings available for this card.
Passcode: 51192573
Set: Power of the Duelist
ATK/DEF: 2600/2000
Card Number: POTD-EN029
Monster Type: Reptile
Rarity: Ultimate Rare
Attribute: Light
Card Text: If you're Tributing a monster on your side of the field that is owned by your opponent, this card can be Normal Summoned with 1 Tribute. Once per turn, you can place 1 A-Counter on a monster on your opponent's side of the field. (If a monster with an A-Counter battles an 'Alien' monster, it loses 300 ATK and DEF for each A-Counter during damage calculation only.)
Level: 7
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Cosmic Horror Gangi'el
Edition: 1st