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Neo-Spacian Dark Panther - DP03-EN007 - Rare - 1st Edition

Neo-Spacian Dark Panther - DP03-EN007 - Rare - 1st Edition


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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther's' effect is only applied while it is face-up on the field. So if you target 'Sangan' and then this card is sent to the Graveyard nothing will happen, because in the Graveyard it no longer copies 'Sangan's' effect. If 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' is flipped face-down after using its effect, the effect is no longer applied. You could flip it face-up and activate its effect again in the same turn. When you use this card's effect to copy another monster's name, its name is not considered to be 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' for the duration of the effect. If you targeted 'Cyber Dragon' then activate 'Next to be Lost' you would send a 'Cyber Dragon' from your Deck to the Graveyard and not 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther'. If 'Skill Drain' is activated after 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther's' effect has resolved, the effects that the 'Dark Panther' copied will be negated, but it will still keep the copied card name until the end of the turn. You can target 'D.D. Warrior Lady' and if 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' battles with an opponent's monster you can use the copied effect and remove both monsters from play, because 'D.D. Warrior Lady's' effect activates on the field. You can target 'Exiled Force' and then Tribute 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' to destroy 1 monster on the field. If you target 'Spirit Reaper', the 'Spirit Reaper' will be destroyed after 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther's' effect resolves. You can target 'Embodiment of Apophis' when it is a monster but only the card name will be copied. It does not have an effect to copy. 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' will NOT be treated as a Trap Card. If you target 'Relinquished' or 'Sword Hunter' then you can equip 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' with Monster Cards through the copied effect, but at the end of the turn, the effect that allowed them to be equipped disappears, and the equipped cards are destroyed. You can target a Union Monster and equip 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' to an appropriate monster, but at the end of the turn the copied effect disappears and 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' will be destroyed. If you target 'Strike Ninja' you can remove from play 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' with the copied effect, but then it will no longer be face-up on the field, so the copied effect disappears and 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' remains removed from play. If you target 'Cyber Harpie Lady', 'Harpie Lady 1', etc., then 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther's' name will just be 'Harpie Lady' for the duration of its effect. If you target 'Proto-Cyber Dragon', 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther's' name will be treated as 'Cyber Dragon' because of the copied effect. If you target a monster with an effect that accumulates Spell Counters, such as 'Skilled Dark Magician', any Spell Counters on 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' will be removed when its effect ends. You can target your opponent's 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' but the copied effect is the same as the one you just used, so you cannot activate it a second time that turn. If you target an 'LV' monster, you could Tribute the 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' to activate the Spell Card 'Level Up!'. It will be in the Graveyard when 'Level Up!' resolves, so it will no longer have the copied effect, so there is no monster name to reference and therefore the effect disappears. If you copy an Ignition or Trigger Effect, those effects can be chained to when they are activated, as normal. When 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' is destroyed after copying the effects of a 'Crystal Beast' monster, it cannot be placed into the Spell and Trap Card Zone. [Re: Cocoon Rebirth] You can Tribute a 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' that is copying the name and effect of a 'Chrysalis' monster for 'Cocoon Reborn', but you cannot Special Summon a monster with the effect. [Re: Level Down!?] You can use 'Level Down!?' on a 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' that is copying an LV monster. But since it is no longer copying the LV monster after it has been returned to the Deck, no monster will be Special Summoned. [Re: NEX] If 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' copies the name of 'Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin', it can be sent to the Graveyard for 'NEX', but no monster can be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck. 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' is in the Graveyard, its name is no longer treated as 'Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin', and there is no Fusion Monster whose name is or is treated as 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther'.
Passcode: 43237273
Set: Duelist Pack 3: Jaden Yuki 2
ATK/DEF: 1000/500
Card Number: DP03-EN007
Monster Type: Beast
Rarity: Rare
Attribute: Dark
Card Text: Once per turn, you can select 1 face-up monster your opponent controls. While you control this face-up card, until the end of this turn this card's name is treated as the selected monster's name, and it gets the selected monster's effect(s).
Level: 3
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Neo-Spacian Dark Panther
Edition: 1st