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Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin - DP03-EN005 - Rare - Unlimited Edition

Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin - DP03-EN005 - Rare - Unlimited Edition


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Card Rules: Rulings powered by The Netrep API. This effect does not target. When this effect resolves you look at your opponent's hand. If there are no Monster Cards, do nothing. If the opponent does have a Monster Card, and you have a monster on the field with greater or equal ATK, you will destroy the opponent's Monster Card and inflict the 500 damage at the same time. If the selected Monster Card in your opponent's hand has ATK ?, since it is undetermined, you cannot control a monster with greater or equal ATK, and you will take 500 damage. [Re: Chrysalis Dolphin] If you activate this effect and find that you do not have 'Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin' in your hand or Deck your opponent can check both to verify. [Re: Destiny Hero - Double Dude] If 'Destiny Hero - Double Dude' is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard while in the hand or Deck his effect still activates, and you can Special Summon the 2 'Double Dude Tokens'. He could be destroyed in the hand or Deck by effects like 'Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin' or 'Chain Destruction'. [Re: NEX] If 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' copies the name of 'Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin', it can be sent to the Graveyard for 'NEX', but no monster can be Special Summoned from your Extra Deck. 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther' is in the Graveyard, its name is no longer treated as 'Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin', and there is no Fusion Monster whose name is or is treated as 'Neo-Spacian Dark Panther'. [Re: Space Gift] If you control a 'Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin' when 'Space Gift' resolves, you will draw 2 cards for it because its name is also treated as 'Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin'.
Passcode: 17955766
Set: Duelist Pack 3: Jaden Yuki 2
ATK/DEF: 600/800
Card Number: DP03-EN005
Monster Type: Warrior
Rarity: Rare
Attribute: Water
Card Text: Once per turn, by discarding 1 card, look at your opponent's hand and select 1 Monster Card in it. If you control a monster with ATK greater than or equal to the ATK of the selected Monster Card, destroy the selected card and inflict 500 damage to your opponent. Otherwise, take 500 damage.
Level: 3
Card Type: Effect Monster
Name: Neo-Spacian Aqua Dolphin
Edition: Unlimited