The Ynnari are a recently risen faction within Aeldari society. They worship Ynnead, the god of the dead, a burgeoning power within the Aeldari pantheon. Through the leadership of Ynnead’s high priestess, Yvraine, and other champions, the Ynnari use the souls of the slain to empower themselves in battle. The Ynnari believe themselves to be the saviours of their entire race, but there are those who fear they are no less than the final doom of the Aeldari made manifest. It is the Ynnari’s plan to fulfil ancient prophecies of Slaanesh’s defeat by dying. However, their version of the prophecy does not involve their race’s extinction. Instead, by absorbing the souls of dead Aeldari themselves, the Reborn intend to starve She Who Thirsts out of existence. It promises to be a lengthy battle, but Ynnead is eternally patient. -from the publisher
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