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From the publisher:A beautiful and beautifully simple game of laying a tile before your own token to continue its path on each turn. The goal is to keep your token on the board longer than anyone else's, but as the board fills up this becomes harder because there are fewer empty spaces left... and another player's tile may also extend your own path in a direction you'd rather not go. Easy to introduce to new players, Tsuro lasts a mere 15 minutes and actually does work for any number from 2 to 8.Other notes:Tsuro was originally patented by McMurchie in 1979 under the name Squiggle Game, but was apparently not published at that time. Somewhat similar to Metro and Spaghetti Junction. BoardGameGeek Info

Extra Info

BGID: 16992
Category: Abstract Strategy
Time: 15 minutes
Designer: Tom McMurchie
PrimaryName: Tsuro
Players: 2 to 8
Year: 2005
Artist: Shane Small
Product Title: Tsuro
Mechanics: Hand Management, Route/Network Building, Tile Placement
Ages: 8 and up
Publisher: Calliope Games, Devir, Kosmos (Franckh-Kosmos), PS-Games, WizKids, Show More