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Power Grid - The Robots

Power Grid - The Robots


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You finally have a new opponent for your Power Grid games: a robot that acts as an additional player. Thanks to his different actions and special abilities he is a strong opponent. You will manage the robot's 'decisions' and can use him to act against the other opponent(s).With this expansion, Power Grid is an exciting and fun experience for two (and more) players!Power Grid: The Robots is designed especially for two players, but you can use a robot with up to five human players, too. You can even use more than one robot in a game.The robot consists of five tiles, one tile with rules for each phase (except phase 1 Determine Player Order and phase 5 bureaucracy) plus a special ability, which the robot uses during the game.With a total of 30 tiles - six different tiles for each phase - your Power Grid games will never be the same again! - BoardGameGeek

Extra Info

BGID: 108667
Category: Economic, Expansion for Base-game, Industry / Manufacturing
Time: 120 minutes
Designer: Friedemann Friese
Year: 2011
Artist: Lars-Arne 'Maura' Kalusky, Harald Lieske
Family: Power Grid
Mechanics: Auction/Bidding, Route/Network Building
Ages: 13 and up
Publisher: 2F-Spiele, 999 Games, Arclight, Edge Entertainment, Filosofia Édition, Rio Grande Games, Stratelibri,