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Once Upon a Time: Enchanting Tales expansion (Friendly Local Game Drop)

Once Upon a Time: Enchanting Tales expansion (Friendly Local Game Drop)


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From Atlas Games: Your friendly local game store is working with Atlas Games to make these games available for shipment directly to your door during the current health crisis. Free US economy shipping to street addresses in the lower 48 states. Pay your FLGS by whatever method they prefer, then Atlas Games will ship your order directly to your home. 

In Once Upon a Time, players tell a story together using cards that show fairytale elements and endings. Now add more magic to your game with the Enchanting Tales expansion. Inspired by enchanted princesses like Cinderella and Snow White, the 38 Story Cards and 17 Ending Cards in this set can be shuffled into your Once Upon a Time storytelling card game deck to add new themes and more variety to your game. For an even stronger magical feel, try removing some of the core Story or Ending Cards.

Extra Info

BGID: 138296
Category: Card Game, Expansion for Base-game, Fantasy
Time: 30 minutes
PrimaryName: Once Upon a Time: Enchanting Tales
Players: 2 - 6
Year: 2013
Product Title: Once Upon a Time: Enchanting Tales
Family: Once Upon a Time
Mechanics: Storytelling
Ages: 8 and up
Publisher: Atlas Games