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Munchkin Conan

Munchkin Conan


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Munchkin Conan is a 168-card core set in the Munchkin family of games. Unlike other core sets, it lacks unique card backs, instead using the standard card back from Munchkin.

In Munchkin Conan, Robert E. Howard's epic hero gets the full Munchkin treatment. Play a Cimmerian Warrior or a Stygian Wizard! Wield the Sword of the Phoenix and poison your foes with Black Lotus! Slay Thoth-Amon's minions, Pict raiders, and abominable monsters, and hear the lamentations of their women!

This set has a new type of Munchkin card, called Birthright. Details to follow.

Part of the Munchkin series

Extra Info

BGID: 112991
Category: Card Game, Fantasy, Fighting, Humor
Time: 90 minutes
Designer: Steve Jackson
Players: 3-6
Year: 2012
Artist: John Kovalic
Family: Munchkin
Mechanics: Dice Rolling, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers
Ages: 10 and up
Publisher: Steve Jackson Games