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Citadels Revised Edition

Citadels Revised Edition


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The Citadels Revised Edition includes everything found in the 2016 deluxe version of the game, itself an expanded edition of the award-winning 2000 game.
Like that version, the Revised Edition has 27 different characters that players can use to plot, backstab, and scheme their way to victory and 84 district cards to expand their holdings. In this edition, the cards have been reduced to standard playing card size so the game can fit into a more compact box. The die-cut pieces have also been replaced by mini cards. The plastic coins and plastic crown marker have been retained.

Extra Info

Time: 30–60 Min
PrimaryName: Citadels Revised Edition
Players: 2–8 Players
Year: 2021
Product Title: Citadels Revised Edition
Ages: 10 and up
Publisher: Z-Man Games