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War Declaration! Ryuko - KLK/S27-E048 - R

War Declaration! Ryuko - KLK/S27-E048 - R


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Card Name: War Declaration! Ryuko
Card Number: KLK/S27-E048
Card Text: ?CONT? All of your other ?Clothes? characters get +1000 power. ?AUTO? When this card is placed on stage from your hand, ?REST? this card. ?AUTO? When a card named "Battle of Fate" is placed on your climax area, if this card is in your center stage, Stand@ this card, choose up to one level 1 or lower character in your waiting room, and return it to your hand.
Color: Red
Cost: 1
Level: 2
Power: 8000
Rarity: R
Side: S
Soul: 1
Traits: Clothes - Weapon
Trigger: 1
Type: Character