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To Protect the World, Satsuki - KLK/S27-E072SP - SP

To Protect the World, Satsuki - KLK/S27-E072SP - SP


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Extra Info

Card Name: To Protect the World, Satsuki
Card Number: KLK/S27-E072SP
Card Text: ?CONT? If the number of cards named "To Honnouji Academy" in your waiting room is three or more, this card gets -1 level in your hand. ?CONT? If there is a marker underneath this card, this card gets +1500 power. ?AUTO? When this card is placed on stage from your hand, put up to one card from the top of your clock into your waiting room, choose a card named "Junketsu" in your waiting room, and put it face down underneath this card as a marker.
Color: Blue
Cost: 2
Level: 3
Power: 9000
Rarity: SP
Side: S
Soul: 2
Traits: Clothes - Weapon
Trigger: 1
Type: Character