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Epic Encounters - Tower of the Lich Empress

Epic Encounters - Tower of the Lich Empress


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pic Encounters: Tower of the Lich Empress,




Climb a never-ending tower to confront an ancient evil with this hair-raising Epic Encounters boss box! Compatible with fifth edition or any fantasy roleplaying game.




The endless staircase finally gives way to an enormous ornate door. Intense evil emanates from the room beyond: a Lich Empress. An ancient creature — once a wizard, now something entirely different. Something unnatural, clinging to life through dark magic. Something that does not die. Its translucent skin reveals atrophied muscle beneath; its brain a shrivelled vessel for the forbidden lore of civilisations past.




It does not die. But it watches. And it waits.






1 huge, highly detailed miniature (unpainted)

Double-sided game mat

Adventure book

Monster stats

Tips and tricks for building tension and excitement

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