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PolyHero Dice - The Rogue 5d8 Crossbow Bolts (Nightshade & Thievess Gold)

PolyHero Dice - The Rogue 5d8 Crossbow Bolts (Nightshade & Thieves's Gold)


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PolyHero Dice are the result of a creative collaboration between brothers Dann and Greg May. We've worked together in the visual arts for more than 20 years, as graphic designers, artists and 3D animators. We've also played Dungeons and Dragons (and other RPGs) together from an early age, starting with the red boxed Basic Set (oh, and even before that a game Dann made up and tried to make Greg play). This project is a labor of love for us; to create imaginative, 3D-sculpted custom dice for our favourite hobby, and for the pure joy of holding and rolling them. This PolyHero Dice: Rogue: Level Up Pack contains five 8-sided Crossbow Bolt dice, in the Nightshade color

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