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BCW - Pro-Folio LX 9-Pocket (Red-White)

BCW - Pro-Folio LX 9-Pocket (Red-White)


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The BCW Card Folio-LX will accommodate 360 cards and features a padded leatherette front and back cover with matching colored stitching and side-loading pockets to deter the cards from sliding out of place. It is ideal for sports cards, trading cards, and gaming cards and works with soft-sleeves, Deck Guards, and double-sleeved Deck Guards. Our premium, double-sided, archival safe polypropylene pages will not harm the cards stored within and offer an attractive method to both store and display your collectibles.

This stylish folio works great to show off your Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Dragon Ball Super, or just about any collectible card game!

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