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Blue Ox Delivery Service

Blue Ox Delivery Service


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Deliveries must be within 10 mile drive of 2713 East 10th Street.

Deliveries will be scheduled during the following times: Mondays 1-10pm; Tuesdays 6-10pm; Wednesdays 5-10pm; Thursdays 1-10pm; Fridays 1-6pm; Sundays 1-6pm

We will attempt to deliver within 24 hours of receving your order, but with limited staffing this may be impossible.

Please be sure the phone number on your account is correct and that you have the store phone number in your contacts so we show up on your caller id. (Store number is 252.695.6442.) 

Please be patient with us, this isn't a regular service we offer, and we know there while be issues, but we are trying our best to serve our geeky community.