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Pheromosa GX - 140/156 - Full Art Ultra Rare

Pheromosa GX - 140/156 - Full Art Ultra Rare


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Extra Info

Attack #1: [G] Fast Raid (30) If you go first, you can use this attack on your first turn.
Attack #2: [GG] Cruel Spike (60) Your opponent's Active Pokemon is now Confused.
Attack #3: [GG] Beauty GX (50x) This attack does 50 damage for each Prize card your opponent has taken.(You can't use more than 1 GX attack in a game.)
Card Number: 140/156
Card Type: Grass
Finish: Holo
HP: 170
Name: Pheromosa GX
Rarity: Full Art Ultra Rare
Set: Sun & Moon: Ultra Prism
Stage: Basic