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My Favorite Item - BD/W47-TE11a - TD

My Favorite Item - BD/W47-TE11a - TD


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Extra Info

Card Name: My Favorite Item
Card Number: BD/W47-TE11a
Card Text: Choose one of your characters, and that character gets the following ability until end of turn "AUTO When this card attacks, if you have cards named "PoppinParty Kasumi Toyama" and "PoppinParty Tae Hanazono" and "PoppinParty Rimi Ushigome" and "PoppinParty Saya Yamabuki" and "PoppinParty Arisa Ichigaya", deal five damage to your opponent, and this card gets +5000 power until end of turn." (This damage may be canceled)
Color: Red
Cost: 2
Level: 3
Rarity: TD
Side: W
Soul: 0
Trigger: 0
Type: Event
Set Name: BanG Dream!