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Blue Ox Modern Decks - Gifts Storm
Blue Ox Modern Decks - Gifts Storm

Blue Ox Modern Decks - Gifts Storm


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Want to play Modern but don't have a deck? Well now you can get the complete 75; sleeved and in a deck box.*


Gifts Storm



Creatures: 6

2 Baral, Chief of Compliance

4 Goblin Electromancer


Non-creature Spells: 37

4 Desperate Ritual

4 Gifts Ungiven

3 Grapeshot

4 Manamorphose

1 Noxious Revival

4 Opt

2 Past in Flames

4 Pyretic Ritual

3 Remand

4 Serum Visions

4 Sleight of Hand


Land: 17

7 Island

6 Mountain

4 Shivan Reef



2 Dispel

1 Echoing Truth

2 Empty the Warrens

2 Ingot Chewer

1 Izzet Staticaster

3 Lightning Bolt


4 Pieces of the Puzzle


*Please note that to keep the prices low on these decks card condition varies from moderately played to near mint.